What Are Self-Managed Home Care Packages

Self-managed Home Care Packages are for those who want to oversee every aspect of their package, from budgeting to decision-making. Read on to learn more.

Updated on Jun 17, 2024
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Summary: Self-managed Home Care Packages are packages where the recipient gets to make all the decisions, including handling the paperwork. It's for those who want personalised care and tailored services.

When you enter the home care system, it's not a one-way street. Home Care Package recipients are allowed to choose how to manage their package. 

Seniors in the HCP program have different needs and preferences. Some like to leave the paperwork and decision-making to their provider. Others prefer to have a say in how their package is used. 

The latter option is called self-management. It refers to a form of personalised care where you get to manage your own home care services. 

Which management type is better for you? Read on to learn more about self-managed Home Care Packages.

How Can You Self-Manage Your Home Care Package?

When you first sign up for a Home Care Package and start working with a provider, you can choose your management style. 

Self-management includes doing most of the administration by yourself. This includes:

  • Developing your care plan
  • Setting up your budget and distributing it across different services 
  • Researching providers and choosing the right one
  • Negotiating rates with your chosen provider
  • Handling payments and tracking expenses
  • Keeping detailed records and documentation
  • Ensuring regulatory requirements

If you choose to self-manage your package, these are just some of the responsibilities you will have.

Seniors who feel like they are up to deal with these responsibilities and the paperwork that comes with it usually choose self-management.

It doesn't matter which Home Care Package level you have been assigned. You can manage your own package regardless of your package level.

Self-management also means you have complete control over your home care budget. In other words, you get to decide how to spend your budget and on what.

Not all providers offer self-managed care, so make sure to ask about this before signing the Home Care Agreement.

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What Are Other Types of Home Care Package Management?

Self-managed Home Care Packages aren't your only option. There are three types of Home Care Package management styles:

  1. Self-managed Home Care Packages
  2. Provider-managed Home Care Packages
  3. Mixed-managed Home Care Packages

Provider-managed care is the opposite of self-management. In this scenario, the providers do everything for you. 

Your provider manages your Home Care Package on your behalf. This includes:

  1. Care planning: Your provider develops your plan based on your needs and preferences.
  2. Service coordination: They schedule services on your behalf. For example, personal care, nursing, help with household tasks, and social support.
  3. Budget management: Your provider manages your HCP budget. They also make sure your funds are used appropriately to deliver the required services.
  4. Provider selection: They choose and manage all your service providers. 
  5. Quality assurance: Your provider monitors the quality of care services. They make sure they meet the required standards and adjust care plans as needed.
  6. Reporting and compliance: Handling all necessary documentation, reporting, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Mixed-managed care is a combination of these two.

In this model, responsibilities are shared between you and a care provider or agency. This approach offers flexibility and support. It balances independence with professional management.

You can choose to manage certain aspects of your care. This includes selecting service providers or managing parts of the budget while the care provider handles other elements.

Who Is Home Care Package Self-Management for?

If you're still not sure if a self-managed Home Care Package is for you, ask yourself if you have:

  • Independence. Do you value your independence and want a say in how your care is delivered?
  • Organisational skills. Are you organised? Can you manage administrative tasks, such as budgeting, scheduling, and maintaining records?
  • Decision-making ability. Are you comfortable making decisions about your care needs?
  • Self-advocacy. Can you advocate for your needs and preferences? Can you make sure you receive the best possible care?
  • Health stability. Are your health conditions stable enough to manage your care without frequent changes?

A self-managed Home Care Package might be suitable for you if you want to personalise your home care plan. That way, you can make sure your plan meets all your needs. 

If you have a preference for specific providers, you will have the flexibility to choose. 

Budget control is another option to think about. With this type of package, you can make sure your funds are used efficiently.

Speaking of budget, self-management is usually more affordable. Home care providers charge administrative fees for their services. 

If you manage your own package, you will be able to spend those funds on services and support you actually need.

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Who Is Home Care Package Provider Management for?

A lot of work goes into self-managing a Home Care Package. That's why it simply may not be for everyone. 

Provider-managed care offers a more hands-off experience. The complexities of care coordination, budgeting, and service management are handled by experts. 

If you're thinking about provider-managed care, take a look at these key characteristics of this care model:

  • Need for professional oversight. Do you need a higher level of professional oversight because of complex care needs?
  • Limited capacity for self-management. Do you find it challenging to manage your own care because of physical, cognitive, or emotional limitations?
  • Preference for convenience. Do you prefer the convenience of having all aspects of your care handled by a professional?
  • Lack of support network. Do you not have a strong support network to assist with care management tasks?
  • A desire for a wide range of services. Do you want access to a wide range of services and resources that a professional care provider can offer?

If you have complex care needs or a disability, provider-managed care might be a better option for you. The type of specialised care you need will be best managed by professionals.

Some people just prefer professional services. They are comfortable having care services managed by a professional rather than handling everything themselves.

Provider-managed care also means a reduced burden on your family and friends.

A list of examples of who should apply for a provider-managed Home Care Package

Let Inclusive Home Care Manage Your Home Care Package

If you want a provider-managed package, Inclusive Home Care can help you.

Here at Inclusive Home Care, our goal is to give you the empowerment you need. We do this by letting you focus on your independence and comfort. 

Leave all the paperwork, complicated budgeting, and hard decisions to us. 

By letting us manage your package, you can count on:

  1. Professional care coordination
  2. Skilled service providers
  3. A holistic approach to care
  4. Administrative support and budget management
  5. Ongoing supervision
  6. Access to resources
  7. Convenience and peace of mind
  8. Support for families

Our professional caregivers are experts in elderly care. They will provide attentive support and companionship to you or your loved one. 

With our expert care services, you can count on reassurance and reliability, freeing you from worries. You will be able to relax at home knowing all your needs will be taken care of.

Anything you need, we are here for you.

Deciding How to Manage Your Home Care Package

There are three options when it comes to managing your Home Care Package. These include self-managed, provider-managed, and mixed-managed packages. 

Self-managed means you have to do everything by yourself. While this option may be flexible, it can be quite stressful as well. 

Provider-managed care, on the other hand, is a better solution for those who want to relax at home, focusing on their health and well-being. 

If you're seeking reliable, high-quality, and professionally managed care services, look no further than Inclusive Home Care

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