Home Care Package Level 4: Complex Care Needs

Read this article to find out if you're eligible for a Home Care Package Level 4, which is for elderly individuals with high-level care needs.

Updated on May 01, 2024
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The four Home Care Package levels differ based on the type and intensity of care provided. 

Since the Home Care Package Level 4 is the highest level available, it's for those who need the most care. 

In other words, Level 4 is for elderly individuals with complex, high-level care needs. It's designed for those who need extensive help to remain living at home. 

If you want to know more about this HCP level, this article is for you. 

What Does the Home Care Package Level 4 Include?

Home Care Package Level 4 is intended for elderly individuals with complex, high-level care needs.

It includes a wide range of services and support to help people remain living at home safely and comfortably.

Services covered by Level 4 include the following:

  • Nursing care (wound care and medication management)
  • Intensive personal care (bathing, dressing, and toileting)
  • Dementia care and behavioural support
  • Allied Health Services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy)
  • Mobility support
  • Help with household chores (cleaning, cooking, and laundry)
  • Respite care
  • Palliative care
  • Social support (companionship and help with social activities)
  • 24–hour support and monitoring

Level 4 Home Care Packages are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual. 

Approved providers will work closely with you and your family to develop personalised care plans and deliver those services.

The goal is to support you to live safely, independently, and with dignity in your home for as long as possible. You will receive the necessary care and support to maintain your quality of life.

Who Is Eligible for Home Care Package Level 4?

You can't apply for Level 4 directly. Instead, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria to be assigned to that level.

My Aged Care will determine which level of care will best meet your needs. 

To be eligible for Home Care Package Level 4, you must:

  1. Be aged 65 or over (50 or over applies to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)
  2. Live in Australia
  3. Have a permanent resident visa or be a citizen
  4. Have a diagnosed medical condition or disability that requires high-level care
  5. Be able to live safely at home with the support of a Home Care Package

If you are interested in applying for a Home Care Package Level 4, you can contact My Aged Care. They will then assign you to a local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Once approved, you will be allocated a Home Care Package. You can then choose a service provider to manage your package and provide the care and support you need. 

My Aged Care will provide you with a list of approved service providers in your area to help you make your choice.

If too many people with high care needs are assessed as eligible for Level 4 packages, there may be a longer waiting list. The availability of Home Care Packages can vary depending on geographic location and local service provider capacity.

If this happens to you, you might be assigned to a lower-level package until your package is available again.

Who Is Level 4 for?

To qualify for Level 4, you must have complex care needs. 

Level 4 packages are typically suitable for people who:

  1. Have complex medical conditions
  2. Experience profound mobility limitations
  3. Require intensive personal care 
  4. Need frequent nursing care
  5. Experience advanced cognitive impairment
  6. Have significant social and emotional needs

Level 4 packages are for those with different chronic health conditions. They can also have advanced age-related health issues or disabilities that need intensive support.

Level 4 may be appropriate for those with significant mobility impairments. This includes people who are wheelchair-bound or bedridden. It can also be for people who need help with transfers and positioning.

You may be eligible for this level if you often need help with personal care activities.  You might have severe physical limitations or health conditions preventing you from completing them. 

Level 4 packages typically include regular nursing care provided by registered nurses. Their job is to manage complex health conditions, administer medications, and perform medical procedures.

Level 4 is also for individuals with advanced dementia or other cognitive impairments. These individuals need specialised dementia care, behavioural management, and support with activities of daily living.

Individuals with Level 4 packages may need extensive social support, companionship, and mental health services. This helps address loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

How Much Does Level 4 Cost?

Since Level 4 covers the highest level of care, it's the most expensive. This also means that the Australian Government allocates the highest subsidy for this level. 

The current maximum subsidy for Level 4 is $59,593.55 a year. This amounts to $2,285.82 per fortnight. 

Of course, your Home Care Package budget will depend on many factors, including:

  • Your level of care needs
  • Available funding pool for that level
  • Service provider fees (such as the care management and package management fees)
  • Your care plan and the services you will receive

Inclusive Home Care charges two fees:

  1. The care management fee ($405 per fortnight and $10,558.9 annually)
  2. The package management fee ($199.45 per fortnight and $5,199.95 annually)

Inclusive Home Care does not charge a basic daily fee. 

If you want more information about our fee scheme and service price list, you will find everything you need here. You can also contact us for more questions. 

What's Next?

If you or your loved one will receive services through a Level 4 Home Care Package, you will need a reliable provider. 

Level 4 Home Care Packages require comprehensive care services provided by skilled professionals. That's exactly what you can expect if you decide to work with Inclusive Home Care

We're a dedicated team of care specialists. Our goal is to make your life at home as comfortable as possible, letting you maintain as much independence as you can. 

If you want to know more about our home care services, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

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